wait so danny’s name is dan avidan, and his father’s name is avi avidan…. avi + dan avidan…….. fuckin wow..

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We’re already h e r e.

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And I would never abandon you.

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my dad apparently started watching red vs blue while exercising he’s already in season 3


All children are not treated equally in the U.S., including children from different countries migrating into the country.

There’s a big difference between how Mexican and Central American kids are treated once they cross the border.

Mexican children and teens are deported almost immediately, without ever setting foot in court to argue their case for legal status. Their quick ouster is known as “expedited repatriation.”

Central American children, however, are allowed to remain in the country until they go before a judge.

Lawmakers from Texas are now discussing plans for new legislation aimed at removing Central American kids in a similarly expedited fashionContinue reading.

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Late night progress 


Late night progress